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Guangzhou Allioss Machinery Co Ltd is licensed in Guangzhou.


Guangzhou ALLIOSS combines his global expertise with local work capacities to provide high quality standard EPC services for design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of your industrial equipment. Based on our experience in China, by formal partnership agreements, we branded more than 17 suppliers (more than 500 team members in total) to cover all steps of your projects using our network:

  • 6 general mechanical workshops
  • 2 piping and welding partners
  • 2 installation team
  • 2 mechanical design offices
  • 2 automation and electrical companies
  • 3 smelting plants
  • 2 inspection and certification offices


Guangzhou ALLIOSS also provides :

  • Field Services, to bring, together with your highly technical products, the services that your customers are asking for (installation, commissioning, preventive and curative maintenance, spare part management)
  • Sourcing quality services, to ensure reliable products and procurement from China

Such a platform brings to you :

  • The guarantee that your local project management will meet the highest standards
  • Safety to your intellectual property
  • A network of contractors, well-known and controlled, in case of local supply or local teams
  • A clear argument for your final customer that you have « local content »
  • An easy-to-work with locally established partner

Guangzhou Allioss Machinery Co Ltd is a reliable partner :

  • It has the « General Tax Payer » status in China, which removes all taxes from business transactions (VAT credits)
  • Its import/export license covers most industrial equipments
  • Its bookeeping is verified by KPMG


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