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Turnkey Solutions


Our Engineering teams offers turnkey solutions to our customers, combined with our manufacturing and field expertise and capabilities.


Highly experienced project managers can handle :

  • New equipment design
  • New equipment installation at your site
  • Improvement / Retrofit of existing equipments

Our Lean knowledge allows us to define with you optimal solutions for :

  • Your production flows
  • Your Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

We work with Autocad and Solidworks.


Our Engineering teams is closely connected with our field experts : mechanical experts, electrical experts, piping experts, steel work experts…



Practically speaking, our Engineering team is located at the same location where our major manufacturing site is

We can achieve, with nearly no size limitation, all sorts of mechanical assembly, combining, according to the needs :

  • Steel work,
  • Welding,
  • Machining,
  • Mechanical assembly,
  • HP/LP piping,
  • Electrical erection / automation

Our means : 5 workshops totalling 15.000 m2

  • Workshop 1 : 4500 m2, 2x15T cranes
  • Workshop 2 : 1500 m2, 10T, 3,5T, 3T, 2T, 2T
  • Workshop 3 : 1000 m2 , 5T, 3T
  • Workshop 4 : 2x16T 3000 m2
  • Workshop 5 : 1x20T, 1x40T, 1x20T, 3x10T
Piping manufacturing machinery
Calcul de liaison mécanique conique entre arbre et plateau