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Large diameter industrial piping

Piping expertise

We offer the whole set of services, from Piping Engineering to Installation, Maintenance and Emergency Repairs, whether it is steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, or PVC pipes.


We can cope with all types of fluid, all dimensions, all lengths, all pressure levels.


Our means include :

  • Engineering means : Design, Computation, Load discharge, Thickness, Flexibility
  • Professional and qualified welders, Radio qualified for all metals : TIG, MIC, Arc
  • Autonomy with equipment lifting

All our installations are compliant with Standards (In France : DESP9723-CE, CODETI…) We permanently work with all agencies that need to provide certificates upon request.

We work on :

  • New installation (across France)
  • Maintenance and Emergency repairs : 71, 21, 42, 03, 58, 89 local french areas.
Regulation piping