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Steel cover

Steel Work

Our different workshops are close to our customers site. We have transportation means and partners to reach more distanced customers too.


We do all types of steel works, starting from simple sketches or the most complex drawings. Our long experience allows us to easily translate your needs into a turnkey solutions, installed at site if needed. If required, our Engineering teams can offer additional design work, including getting the appropriate certificate before use.


Our means : 3 workshops totalling 7000 m2

  • Workshop 1 : 4500 m2, 2x15T cranes
  • Workshop 2 : 1500 m2, 10T, 3,5T, 3T, 2T, 2T
  • Workshop 3 : 1000 m2 , 5T, 3T

Large dimensions steel work
Steel Work
Steel Work